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Elizare sat cross legged deep in meditation. He brought his hands up from his lap to in front of his face. He pressed his hands together breathing deeply. Sulfur and burnt trees filled his nostrils. Elizare brought down three fingers of each hand. With his index fingers pressed tip to tip he slowly extended his arms continuing the mediation.

This was the end…

The end of the war. Long months of brutal battles has left Elizare’s world in ruins. Elizare rolled onto his back and launched himself up onto his feet, grabbing his staff in the process. He turned to look down upon his city. Nior sat in the valley of plenty. The city of Nior had been the center point of all trading and had never seen war until now. A greedy tyrant flew down with his army of the damned. Grandenomur a powerful green dragon fixed his full intent on the treasures of Nior.

Nior fought back to Grandenomur surprise. They held his army at bay but, they would not hold out for long. Grandenomur’s army numbered three times that of Nior’s. It was on this day though that Grandenomur himself breathed his acid on the city. The smell of melting flesh and the screams of those touched by the dragon’s breath still fill the air.

Elizare wept openly at the losses. He now stood beside the great stone circle built by the ancient’s. With magic assisting his voice he called out to Grandenomur.

“Come Grandenomur! Come meet your death!”
No sign of the great beast. Elizare was no bigger than just one of Grandenomur’s toes.

“Come you coward!”

A gust of wind told Elizare he had heard his call.

The beast glided through the air. Making a passing circle to see what was it that was bothering to challenge him.

“Just one who is so puny challenges me? You have no fight worth my time in you!”

“Ehak ner strav elay.” Elizare began to chant as the dragon circled overhead. Grandenomur Heard the chant getting louder and realized this mage had to have some power behind him in order to even know this spell.

“Ehak ner strav elay!” A fire like snake circled around Elizare growing bigger until it engulfed him. Grandenomur rolled over in the air and made a direct line of decent for Elizare. A pillar of flame ten feet in diameter shot out meeting Grandenomur straight on. The great beast was nearly upon Elizare when the blast hit him.

Grandenomur did not have time to save himself. The flames tore through his natural armor. The pillar of flames split the beast in two as he hit the ground the two halves landed on either sides of Elizare. The one to his right took out a quarter of the circle stones, while the other tumbled down the hill and smashed into the enemy camp that had been erected there. Elizare’s legs gave up and he collapsed onto the stone that he had stood himself tall against his foe.

Story by:Me
Art by: kerembeyit on deviant art